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"We love working with David because he and his team are so competent. We trust him 100% when it comes to mortgages and the hottest new restaurants!"
Lori & Julia
"I’ve done many transactions with David and they’re all flawless. He is a great person to work with and a great friend. We have a blast hanging out together!"
"David is my favorite! Having a real human hold my hand through the house-buying process, especially in this insane housing market, meant everything! I would not have the house I got if it weren’t for David.”

Listen to what Jason has to say about his mom Dar’s experience working with David!

First Equity Mortgage

Proud annual sponsor of myTalk’s Project Down & Dirty, Cat Video Festival, Pride, Dining out for Life, and more!

“What I love most about our partnership with David and the First Equity Team is their constant desire to give back. At myTalk we are constantly raising money to support various charities, and David doesn’t even flinch when I call him to ask for money when it’s going to a good cause. Before I can even tell him what we’re doing he just says of course, how much, anything I can do to help. In addition he frequently uses his air time to promote other business’s or charities in need of exposure. He is our #1 supporter and we are so grateful to have him as a partner."
Angie, myTalk Account Manager